Anfitrionomia is our digital blog, carefully curated and designed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Anamarias Events as a brand has existed for nearly a decade. We publish articles about weddings, events, important information for brides, tips for the eager hostess, recipes for whoever loves to cook and much more. We only mention products and services that Anamaria herself uses at home, or with her guests.

We do not use scripts, nor do we memorize tag-lines. We speak about the things we value, and this is what distinguishes our brand. We try to facilitate an intimate conversation with the people who follow our work, those who enjoy things made with love and care. This is why they trust us.

Our audience—and your ideal client—is refined. She knows her ideal dinner menu, she knows which wine she’ll prefer to sip, she lives for good coffee, she travels, but she also enjoys time off. She dreams of learning more, and above all, she enjoys life’s little details.

Designed for clients who wish to share their brand and their message in an organic way, through Anamarias Event’s different content channels (social media and blog). This service is for you if you seek to grow your brand with targeted messages to a particular audience. No more propaganda, no more massive ads. This is a conversation, and you can be part of it. Let’s chat, and see how we can benefit you.