Our Story

Everything began with my mother. Or maybe it was her father, who threw spectacular parties every time a celebratory date neared. Or maybe he learned from an uncle or a grandmother. What I’m trying to say is that our story began a while back, as a family tradition.

My mother was the best host (she still is). I can remember dusty cabinets at my friends’ houses, precious china that went untouched—in my house, we always used the nice china, even for breakfast, with freshly picked azaleas and candles. And talk about her parties. With time, her friends began to ask small favors: can you help me set a table or I’d love to do this kind of buffet; she was a culinary expert, armed with creativity and impeccable taste, she opened a restaurant and finally became a planner.

As for my part of the story, it began when I was eight, my mother took me to fold napkins at a wedding’s setup. Later, I returned to her side, this time to formalize our profession, to turn it into a business and inaugurate the first wedding planning office in Honduras.

Now, we have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about every aspect of event planning. And this is why I continue educating myself, attending courses like The School of Styling, The Flower School of New York and Engage Europe.

This is how our family’s tradition turned into my profession, my passion, my life. We’ve created a formal place of business, founded on our love for beauty —the beauty of a happy party, breakfast with azaleas, and the careful art of entertaining our loved ones.