What makes our team different?

We’re not your ordinary planning team. Our extensive experience in event planning has helped cultivate our brand’s prestige after many years of careful attention to our clients. Our first-class team knows what you need and how to procure it, relying on the relationships we’ve built with the best suppliers in the business. We’re different because of our work ethic and style, because we value the smallest of details, because we value beauty and strive to recreate it for you.

For us, your event is not a hobby: it’s our life, and our privilege to work alongside you.

I want Anamaria to be my wedding planner. What do I need to do?

We love meeting and working alongside different clients—it’s the most gratifying part of our work. This is why we have a careful process to ensure we’re the best match for you.

You’ll need to fill out this form with the requisite information: the wedding date and location, the estimated number of guests and a budget for your wedding. Only once we have these details can we begin to try to make your dreams come true.

Is Anamaria the ideal wedding planner for me?

Like other creative professionals, we have a distinct work, planning and design style. As a client, you have the right to work with someone who matches your needs, especially when it comes to such a memorable occasion.

We can guarantee a beautiful wedding, carefully crafted and planned, but we can’t guarantee a 24/7 hotline. We can guarantee a stress-free process that lifts pressure from the bride, but we can’t guarantee that this will dissuade every perfectionist concern.

If you’re willing to let go (that’s why you sought us out!), to loosen your grip and accept new and innovative ideas, unique and tailored approaches, then we’re the ideal team for you. If you’re willing to let us work freely, to fly creatively. And, most importantly: if you value elegance in taste and a job well done, we’re your team.

Why do you need to know my budget from the start?

Without knowing your budget, we can’t commit to fulfilling your expectations. If you’re looking for a house, your real-estate agent will ask about your price range, so she knows which options best suit you; she evaluates her property list and makes decisions that benefit you based on your preferences and needs. The same applies for our work.

Why is it so important to know the number of guests for my event?

Just like with budgeting, the number of guests who will attend your event helps our team define what we need to turn your dreams into reality. There are unexpected difficulties—uninvited guests, lack of RSVPs—that we can’t plan for unless we have a clear idea of how many people you’re expecting.

Why can’t you send me a quote for your services?

Our events are neither routine nor one-size-fits-all, so we can hardly deliver a list of prices. Every client is unique, and every wedding suits her uniqueness. Some brides prioritize a first-class menu, while others have a particular photographer in mind. Some love flowers, some really don’t. Our work is curated, and it requires a spectrum of information to arrive at decisions, like your budget, your guest list, your priorities and more.